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A New Beginning

Writing on a green typewriter
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I’ll be honest and say I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing.

I've never had a personal blog unless you count Tumblr, and I've never written non-fiction for myself. Most of my writing has always been articles for clients or fantasy novels that I never finished.

So what am I doing here? What is this blog?

First and foremost, I created this website to help boost my freelance writing career. I wanted a place to show off my writing. Almost every other freelancer I asked said that having a website was essential to attracting clients.

Second, this blog gives me a chance to be vulnerable. Most articles I wrote for clients were very impersonal. Most of them were ghostwritten, so I had to avoid any references to myself or my experiences.

Third, I can write about whatever I want. There are topics I specialize in – finance, psychology, relationships, etc. – that I genuinely enjoy researching and reading about. I’m not confined to a certain genre or subject.

I have some experience blogging and freelance writing, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert. My first blog post was originally going to be a history of how I got into writing starting with my old job at SMB Adviser. However, after nearly 3,000 words, I decided that it was taking way too long to complete something I wanted to finish sooner.

Maybe that post will come later.

The truth is that I’m learning. I’m learning how to be a better writer, marketer, negotiator, and worker. I’m learning all the tips and tricks about improving my writing, managing my time, and marketing myself.

Much of my writing is about the same thing: learning. Most of my articles require me to learn about something new that I can teach the reader. I’ve written about subjects that fascinate me and subjects I never thought I’d touch in a million years – CrossFit, kratom, Bitcoin, service level agreements, cloud computing, whistling at work, AirPods, and even rage rooms. These articles served the same purpose: to educate the reader.

While many of these topics were bizarre and often paid very little, I’m proud of what I wrote. I can’t publish most of it since it was ghostwritten and kept under a contract. However, I still read over the old documents every once in a while and am amazed at what I created.

I’d like to develop my writing skills as much as possible. I’d like to see the absolute limits of what I can achieve with hard work and dedication. Writing, like any other craft, improves the more you do it.

I’d like to find out what else I can learn along the way. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that you’ll take this journey with me.

So far, I’m a couple hundred dollars down the drain and I only have two subscribers. (Thank you Nagma and Iandara!) However, I’ve got nothing but time on my hands. Let’s see what we can make happen.

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